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October 2021 Magazine

October 2021 issue is hitting newsstands this week! Run to local real estate office and grab a copy or view now @ - This is one of my favorite times of the year and believe it or not the market is still moving fairly quickly despite the approaching holidays. If you plan to make a move, I'd consult with an agent now to get advice on upcoming conditions, interest rates and trends.

The agents featured in the magazine are community minded and in touch with local happenings. Thinking of selling? Select a few agents from the magazine to interview. They know marketing and realize it's more than a sign in the yard.

Uh oh, we had a snafu.....on page 9...Silverheels Commercial Properties for Lease did not get a timely update to their brokers. Please note: that the broker for WV is Vickie M Jones and the OH broker is Vicki D Viers. Both are reflected on page 6 of the residential rentals page.

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